Our commercial S3000 software is aimed at environmental laboratories that analyze soil and plant samples using spectroscopy (NIR, MIR, LIBS or XRF).

Instead of using calibrations that the NIR manufacturers sell with their instruments, our system offers a bigger range of pre-processing techniques and sophisticated algorithms (due to our background in machine learning).

S3000 is based on our ADAMS workflow software and offers the following benefits:

  • cross-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac)

  • easy to extend plugin-architecture for client-specific customizations

  • easy integration into existing business processes

  • can make use of co-variables determined in the lab to improve models

  • automated/scheduled training possible

  • can generate PDF report for models, incl. parameter settings and performance (useful for accreditation)

  • can flag unreliable predictions

  • supports common spectral file formats (CAL, JCamp-DX, NIR, Opus, SPA, SPC, spreadsheet-based, Unscrambler)

  • supports data retrieval from databases via JDBC

  • offers provenance, i.e., tracing samples as they go through the system

  • (optional) web-interface for basic administrative and monitoring tasks

  • unlimited number of models

  • unlimited number of import tasks

  • ability to add custom tasks via external ADAMS workflows

  • scripting support via Groovy

  • data fusion support (e.g., for NIR+XRF)