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Image classification

Readers and writers for image classification have the -ic suffix.

Download the 17 flowers image classification dataset and extract it.


sub-dir to ADAMS#

The following converts an image classification dataset from the sub-dir format (sub-directory names represent the image classification labels) into the ADAMS format, which stores the label in an associated .report file (Java properties file):

idc-convert -l INFO \
  from-subdir-ic \
    -l INFO \
    -i ./subdir/ \
  to-adams-ic \
    -l INFO \
    -o ./adams \
    -c classification

sub-dir (randomized train/val/test splits)#

By enforcing batch-processing --force_batch and using the randomize-records filter, randomized train/val/test splits (writers typically support generating splits) can be generated like this:

idc-convert -l INFO --force_batch \
  from-subdir-ic \
    -l INFO \
    -i ./subdir/ \
  randomize-records \
    -s 42 \
  to-subdir-ic \
    -l INFO \
    -o ./adams-split \
    --split_names train val test \
    --split_ratios 70 15 15