image-dataset-converter release

Out image-dataset-converter library keeps evolving and, apart from fixing bugs, we also keep adding useful stuff.

The version of the image-dataset-converter-all library stands now at 0.0.3.

Since version 0.0.2 the following changes occurred:

  • image-dataset-converter (core library):

    • switched to the fast-opex library

    • helper method from_indexedpng was using incorrect label index (off by 1)

    • Data.save_image method now ensures that source/target files exist before calling os.path.samefile

    • requiring seppl>=0.2.6 now

    • readers now support default globs, allowing the user to just specify directories as input (and the default glob gets appended)

    • the to-yolo-od writer now has an option for predefined labels (for enforcing label order)

    • the to-yolo-od writer now stores the labels/labels_cvs files in the respective output folders rather than using an absolute file name

    • the bluechannel/grayscale/indexed-png image segmentation readers/writers can use a value other than 0 now for the background

    • split filter has been renamed to split-records

  • image-dataset-converter-imgaug: added find-contours filter for turning blobs in image segmentation annotations into object detection polygons.

  • image-dataset-converter-imgvis: added add-center-overlay-od overlay filter

  • image-dataset-converter-pdf (new module): adds support for PDF, like extracting images from PDF and compiling PDF from images