Yolov5 Docker images available

Docker images for the latest Yolov5 code base are now available. Apart from using a newer codebase, these images now support instance segmentation as well, not just object detection.

The code used by the docker images is available from here:


The tags for the images are as follows:

  • In-house registry:

    • public.aml-repo.cms.waikato.ac.nz:443/pytorch/pytorch-yolov5:2022-11-05_cuda11.1

    • public.aml-repo.cms.waikato.ac.nz:443/pytorch/pytorch-yolov5:2022-11-05_cpu

  • Docker hub:

    • waikatodatamining/pytorch-yolov5:2022-11-05_cuda11.1

    • waikatodatamining/pytorch-yolov5:2022-11-05_cpu

The new tutorial on instance segmentation is available from here: