Llama-2 Docker images available

Llama-2, despite not actually being open-source as advertised, is a very powerful large language model (LLM), which can also be fine-tuned with custom data. With version v0.0.3 of our llm-dataset-converter Python library, it is now possible to generate data in jsonlines format that the new Docker images for Llama-2 can consume:

  • In-house registry:

    • public.aml-repo.cms.waikato.ac.nz:443/pytorch/pytorch-huggingface-transformers:4.31.0_cuda11.7_llama2

  • Docker hub:

    • waikatodatamining/pytorch-huggingface-transformers:4.31.0_cuda11.7_llama2

Of course, you can use these Docker images in conjunction with our gifr Python library for gradio interfaces as well (gifr-textgen).